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Specializing in Antimicrobial,
UV Protective, and
Deodorizing Textiles
Antimicrobial Fabrics from SafeTex. Highly Efficacious,
Safe, and Durable protection from:
Microbes, Viruses, Fungi, Mold, and Odor.
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Quaternary Silane Technology Textiles are protected against a broad spectrum of
microorganisms including bacteria, mold and mildew.
Durable finishes backed by 40 years of testing.
Tech Details
Finish and built-in Protection Colorless and odorless finishing currently used in
Medical, Transportation, Packaging, Automotive,
and Filtration marketplaces.
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Proudly offered by the Acme Group.

The Acme Group has been serving and innovating the textile industry for over 100 years. Since our first program supplying the Model T automobile, The Acme Group has been continually innovating to meet the demand in: Aerospace, Automotive, Transportation, Medical, and Filtration markets where we have provided light-weighting and sustainable problem solving for our long-established clients. Our SafeTex solutions are in high demand for both synthetic and natural fiber textiles. All of our Antimicrobial finishes are highly vetted and established obtaining EPA, BRA (Europe) and FDA certifications.

Benefits of SafeTEX

SafeTEX textile finishes are water based, non-migrating, durable, odorless, colorless antimicrobial with a broad spectrum of activity and maintains efficacy throughout the life of the fabric. Our wide range of textile offering are all applicable to benefit from this technology.

FDA Approved

SafeTEX non-woven products are available with FDA certification and are safe for the environment when compared to other technologies in the marketplace that utilize metals, such as silver & copper.

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